Belt Test

Posted Dec 9

Grasshoppers Belt Test for night time students will take place on Thursday December 20th -

White / Yellow / Orange
6pm to 7pm.

Orange and above 7pm to 8:30pm

If you have been approved please click here to register.







Christmas Closure

Posted Dec 9

Grasshoppers will be closed from Friday December 21st to Wednesday January 2nd.

Regular classes resume Thursday January 3rd.



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Welcome to Grasshoppers! 
To register for your FREE trial class, please register using the link below;

NOTE beginner classes are White belt classes. Monday and Thursdays from 6:00pm to 6:45pm and ONLY run on our introductory nights.


The next dates are:
January 3, 7, 10, 2019


Should you have any questions please email us.



What is the Hanmadang?

|The Grasshoppers Hanmadang is an annual event in which Master Power wanted to have an event where the traditional martial artists and "grassroots" practitioners could come together in good friendship and fun.  Hanmadang literally translated is "Martial Arts Festival" It is our favourite time of the year as we have an incredible venue, exciting events, and competition that you have never seen before!  This is a celebration that will prove to be fun, entertaining, friendly, and something you or your students will not want to miss!  We currently have 6 different events that you can partake in, here they are;

Patterns (poomsae) competition

World TaeKwonDo poomsae
This is the official poomsae for World Taekwondo students.  Only Taegeuk and WT black belt patterns fall into this category.  See attached list of patterns for your level.

Creative / open poomsae
Exactly like it states, this would be any pattern other than a Taegeuk pattern.  Some schools do Palgwe or ITF poomsae, the new WT patterns (Ex- Himchari / Yamang / Saebyeol) so they fall into this category.  You can even make up your own pattern!

Team / Family poomsae
A team consists of two or more persons and can be as many competitors as you wish.  The competitors can be different belt levels or ages and points are awarded on synchronization and creativity.  We will attempt to put the groups together with the closest belts, however if there is a wide spread (example one white belt and 3 black belts) they will be placed into their highest belt level category.  The cost for this category is $20 per team.  You must have one team captain and they should be the one to register through their own registration page when signing up.  Note - this category there is a permanent trophy for 1st place team only. (not individual medals). This trophy is a keeper trophy to be held by the school / team for the year and will come back at the next Hanmadang.  The trophy will have a plaque with the team name and members on it.


Board breaking competition

3 station board breaks
Like regular board breaking at most tournaments.  This is the total score of 3 stations. You must do 3 separate stations and have one minute in total to complete all three stations.   You can do multiple breaks at one station but the moves must be continuous. (Meaning that you can't do a roundhouse kick then stop and go a different direction and do a side kick, it must be continuous.)  We have devised a scoring criteria that takes the subjectivity of the judges out and is based on pure technique and breaking ability.

See the attachments below.  Remember this is a risk vs. reward event!


Highest kick
We have several machines built that measure the height of your kick and even holds the board / paddle for you!  You must hit the target for your kick to count.  This is an addictive event and by far our most popular event of the tournament.  If you miss on your first attempt you do get another attempt.  And don't worry we use a kicking paddle to save on your pocketbook and your toes!

Obstacle Course
A specially designed obstacle course for both children and adults! This event goes by a combination of time and penalties.  There will be different skills such as a balance beam, dexterity drills, roundhouse kick, a pushup, a sit-up, and a getting over an object.  We just had to expand this as it was so popular last year that we received over 20 requests to add in more categories including adults!  So much fun and TKD related.  Be sure to watch for our YouTube video that will come out showing the layout of the courses a few weeks before the event!






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