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Halifax Tours


A touch of the past mixed with the present and future. Slide into Historic Downtown Halifax in the luxury of the future. Allow us to guide you thorugh Halifax like you have never imagined it.  Start at the historic Citadel Hill Fortress, look out on the harbour and imagine the tall ships, 150 strong coming into the glorious Halifax, amazing information about the Halifax explosion, grave sites, haunted houses, and of course the titatnic burial sites.


Even if you are from the city a tour by one of our expert tour guides will have you looking at this city in a way that you have never imagined.  From out of town, blow your mind with the incredible one or two hour city tours.


 Shore Tours


This tour highlights some of the most scenic routes in Nova Scotia.  See where the famous bluenose and the other timber built ships of the past were constucted by hand.  Visit the Fisherman's Museum, the numerous craft and antique shops along the drive.  Tour the towns and step back in time with the perfectly preserved homes of past fishery captain's.



Peggy's Cove Tours


Experience the amazing beauty of the coast. Gaze around at the results of years of battery from the Atlantic ocean. Stand on the rocks while the surfs sprays your body.  Imagine a glacier melting and receding, leaving behind it a moon like landscape with lush patches of moss type vegetation. It is a place where pools of water lay locked between enormous mounds of granite rock, breathtaking to the eye.  A visit to Peggy's cove will not be forgotten.


Romantic Getaways

Pick up your loved one in a luxury limo or town car, take her to the spa, a nigh on the town, a quiet dinner for two or a tour of the city made from heaven. With my locations and your wishes we can find the perfect spot for you. These romantic adventures are where your heart is the only map.






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