Belt Test

Posted Dec 9

Grasshoppers Belt Test for night time students will take place on Thursday December 20th -

White / Yellow / Orange
6pm to 7pm.

Orange and above 7pm to 8:30pm

If you have been approved please click here to register.







Christmas Closure

Posted Dec 9

Grasshoppers will be closed from Friday December 21st to Wednesday January 2nd.

Regular classes resume Thursday January 3rd.



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Welcome to Grasshoppers! 
To register for your FREE trial class, please register using the link below;

NOTE beginner classes are White belt classes. Monday and Thursdays from 6:00pm to 6:45pm and ONLY run on our introductory nights.


The next dates are:
January 3, 7, 10, 2019


Should you have any questions please email us.

Tae Kwon Do


TaeKwonDo is distinctly a Korean Martial Art that requires no weapons. It has been practiced for over 20 centuries by kings, soldiers, and civilians as a form of instinctive self-defence and to improve one’s physical fitness, health, and inner peace.  TaeKwonDo, translated literally, is:  the way of kicking feet and striking hands. TaeKwonDo utilizes both mental and physical development, which provides a setting for emotional well being, free from stress and fear, a complete system of self-defence, a popular new sport, and a truly unique approach to living.  TaeKwonDo is not only for the strong, but for any person, old, young, male, female, big or small...who wishes to master an art.


At Grasshoppers, we offer a unique opportunity to study TaeKwonDo in its traditional form.  We are the only Martial Arts school in Eastern Canada authorized to teach Grandmaster Tae Eun Lee’s Moo Kwang System. Grandmaster Lee, a native of South Korea, is one of the highest-ranking masters in Canada and the World.  Grandmaster Lee’s philosophy emphasizes striving to be your personal best in three areas of your life:  your family, school or work and TaeKwonDo.  Achieving this balance is the key to achieving a happy life.                                                                                                               .

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide specialized martial arts and fitness instruction to people who wish to achieve a total workout experience.  Our program is high energy, low stress and offers maximum results.  All of our classes are conducted in a friendly and fun environment, taught by professional and qualified instructors.    .

Our Style


Our unique style combines elements from various martial arts with the most up to date fitness training. As a student at Grasshoppers, you will learn ancient TaeKwonDo, Hapkido and Yudo techniques passed down from master to student for many generations.  You will learn practical and effective self-defence techniques, while gaining greater self-confidence and self-control.  Grasshoppers is a traditional martial arts school.  We emphasize the importance of training the mind, body and spirit as one.


Grasshoppers offers classes tailored to fit your needs. Whatever your age or level of fitness, we are sure to have a program that is right for you. Our classes are conducted in a friendly and fun environment, taught by professional and qualified instructors.


At Grasshoppers we pride ourselves in the physical and mental development of our students. Our classes are designed to improve self-discipline, concentration skills, large motor skills, hand/eye coordination, confidence and leadership skills.


By combining traditional skills with innovative techniques our classes are second to none.

A strong emphasis is placed on mutual respect, responsibility and effort.



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