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Grasshoppers only has 3 spaces remaining for the  2018-2019 school year.  (Michael Wallace and Ian Forsyth are full)

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Heidi Power

Program Manager


Mrs. Power is the wife of Master Power and the proud mother of all the Power children who are all in TaeKwonDo.  Being involved in TaeKwonDo for the past 14 years with Master Power and a mother of four children, Heidi has a great understanding of what it takes to have a successful program.   Heidi has an incredible balance of both discipline and fun while being able to captivate all age levels.  Heidi  truly loves watching the physical and mental development of her students.


In 2016 after much thought with Master Power, it was decided that Heidi would retire from her job at Canada Post to ensure that the programming offered at Grasshoppers was second to none.

Charlotte Hallett


Charlotte is our longest serving staff member now going into her fifth year with Grasshoppers.  Charlotte takes on the role of our homework and reading time staff member and ensures that every child develops into his or her unlimited potential.


Charlotte comes from a vast work background and loves being a part of the Grasshoppers team.

Lori Clark


Lori has been a student with her two children, and close friend of the Power family for the past four years.  Lori brings a different skill set to the table as she knows the TaeKwonDo curriculum and is in charge of the Sport / TaeKwonDo programming room.  Lori has a passion for teaching children and is always working hard to see improvement in her students.

When not working at Grasshoppers Lori is self employed having her own hair salon just around the corner from Grasshoppers.

Davide Gillis

Davide began his TaeKwonDo training at Grasshoppers when he was five years old as part of the Grasshoppers after school program.  Davide obtained his black belt just one month before his tenth birthday becoming one of the youngest junior black belts that Master Power has instructed.


Davide is a 2nd Degree WTF black belt and is a full time student at Ecole Carrefour.  Davide  continues to stay committed to his training and now enjoys his first permanent part time job as a Grasshoppers After School Staff member where he is an Instructor and helps with the French programming.

Claire McKenzie


Claire is our newest staff member and is responsible for the Arts & Craft program. Claire feels arts and crafts can be a great way for young people to explore and develop their creativity, and loves to do both individual art challenges and team challenges.

Claire has a background in graphic design and freelances when not working with Grasshoppers.


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