Belt Test

Posted Dec 9

Grasshoppers Belt Test for night time students will take place on Thursday December 20th -

White / Yellow / Orange
6pm to 7pm.

Orange and above 7pm to 8:30pm

If you have been approved please click here to register.







Christmas Closure

Posted Dec 9

Grasshoppers will be closed from Friday December 21st to Wednesday January 2nd.

Regular classes resume Thursday January 3rd.



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Welcome to Grasshoppers! 
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NOTE beginner classes are White belt classes. Monday and Thursdays from 6:00pm to 6:45pm and ONLY run on our introductory nights.


The next dates are:
January 3, 7, 10, 2019


Should you have any questions please email us.




Master Randy Nelson

Master Instructor


Master Nelson started TaeKwonDo with Grand Master Lee in 1989 at age 36. At the time he was looking for an activity to follow up on a competitive passion for wrestling and fencing, that would at the same time help to maintain flexibility and conditioning. Having now been a student of Grand Lee's for the past 23 years, he found those early aspirations to have been greatly exceed and have now become an important part of his lifestyle. He has found Grand Master Lee's traditional Martial Arts program to be the only one that truly focuses on the family with a curriculum that is oriented to all ages and abilities. To have had the opportunity to associate with Grand Master Lee has been a true privilege and an inspiration.


Master Nelson has been a 4th Degree WTF Black Belt since 2008 and afforded the title of Master by Grand Master Tae Eun Lee. He is an instructor with a focus on detail and precision and lives by Master Lee's motto of Jung Shin Tong Ill (Of one mind and single purpose or more loosely translated "you never fail until you stop trying").


Master Nelson is retired after a successful career with Agriculture Canada.



Mrs. Janine Burton



Janine has been in Grasshoppers since the club originated in Clayton Park in 2002.  (Janine has followed Master Power around everywhere he has moved as she thoroughly believes in his program and the philosophies of Grand Master Lee.)  Janine initially joined TKD because her young son had joined, and she thought it looked like it would be a great way to get exercise as well as have fun.  As her son moved on to other sports, she continued on with her training and received her first degree Black Belt in 2005.   Janine enjoys teaching as well as training and is known throughout the school as being the memory expert!  Janine had this to say about her training; “It's great to see members progress in their belt levels as well as their dedication to the sport of TKD.  Even as a Black Belt, there is so much more to learn and perfect that my training is never finished.  There is always room for improvement and with this I have a never ending goal.”


Janine is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and is employed by Bunge Foods Canada.




Mr. Duane McOnie

Lead Instructor


Duane began training at Grasshoppers in September of 2006 when the Dartmouth School first opened its doors. He had always had an interest in the Martial Arts, and was looking for a way to get in shape. To this day his enthusiasm for learning and instructing continues to grow. This is evident in the fact that Duane rarely misses a class and is always willing to help out around the school. (Duane has won Instructor of the year numerous times).


Duane says that one of the best things about being a student / instructor is passing on what he has learned and watching other students grow as they progress through the ranks.


Duane is a 2nd Degree WTF Black Belt, certified NCCP instructor, and is employed by Nova Scotia Health Authority, Central Zone where he manages Support Services for the Diagnostic Imaging Department.




Mrs. Rhonda McOnie

Instructor / Member Services Manager


Rhonda joined Grasshoppers when Master Power opened the doors in Dartmouth in 2006. Her main goals for joining were for a form of exercise and self defense. She never dreamed that TaeKwonDo could be more than a form of exercise. Now it has become a huge part of her life and couldn't imagine not training to improve herself both physically and mentally. Grasshoppers is not just a TaeKwonDo School but also a family. It is always growing and it is great to see so many people enjoy everything that the school has to offer. It makes it worthwhile to continue training and to help train all the students in any way that you can.


Rhonda can be found assisting all the new students as she is the Member Services Manager at Grasshoppers and does an excellent job keeping everyone up to date.


Rhonda is a 2nd Degree  WTF Black Belt. She is employed by Nova Scotia Health Authority, Central Zone  as a Biomedical Electronics Engineering Technologist.



Mr. Davide Gillis



Davide began his TaeKwonDo training at Grasshoppers when he was five years old as part of the Grasshoppers after school program. Davide is an incredibly dedicated and talented individual graduating out of the after school program and into the night time program.  Davide obtained his black belt just one month before his tenth birthday becoming one of the youngest junior black belts that Master Power has instructed.   Davide is physically gifted at TaeKwonDo and continues to  show a keen interest in teaching and wishing to advance to the
"Master Level"


Davide is a 2nd Degree WTF black belt and is a full time student at Ecole Carrefour.  Davide  continues to stay committed to his training and now enjoys his first permanent part time job as a Grasshoppers After School Staff member.




Mr. Jonathan Fraser



Jonathan started TaeKwonDo in 1994 right after high school. He always had an interest in Martial Arts, but never had the means to pay for classes until that time. He earned his 2nd Degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and black belt in Hapkido in Fredericton, NB. Jonathan also trained in Kick Boxing and became a referee for the NB Amateur Kickboxing Association.


Employment took Jonathan to Moncton NB, where he continued his training and earned his 3rd Deg black belt in TaeKwonDo. After Moncton, he moved back to Fredericton and opened his own family oriented school. The principles and philosophy that Jonathan taught in his own school are so close to those taught here at Grasshoppers, that he fell in love with this school right away. Jonathan met Master Power through work, and Grasshoppers has quickly become his Martial Arts home away from home.


Jonathan is employed as a police officer with the RCMP













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