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When can my child join the after school program?

Typically we try to sign all of our students to start at the beginning of the school year.  Registration normally is only open for a short time due to high demand and registration is for the entire year starting in September  and running until the end of school year in June.  Occasionally we may have an opening due to military transfer etc.  Please contact us for further info.


Can my child attend the program part time?

Unfortunately a child can not attend part time.  We tried this in the past and not only was it logistically difficult, we also found that part time students do not get the required training as they were not consistently present.


What schools are serviced by the after school program?

We currently service 4 schools in Dartmouth.  Ecole Bois Joli and Ecole Shannon Park are bussed to Grasshoppers as a courtesy stop through the CSAP.  Michael Wallace and Ian Forsyth are picked up by our Grasshoppers van.


Can i drop off my child to just do TaeKwonDo?

No you can not drop your child off on certain days to just do TaeKwonDo classes.  We have an extensive program that is specifically programmed to our full time after school students and feel that it is unfair to have students that are not part of the regular program to "drop in".


Is the program tax deductible?

Absolutely! We are registered for after school care for your Federal tax deductions.  We provide income tax receipts in the month of February to all of our students for all fees received for the previous fiscal year.

(Please note that our program is sport specific and we are not a day care, therefore not falling under the day care act by the Dept. of Community Services)


How much TaeKwonDo is done?

We teach TaeKwonDo on Tuesday and Thursday for 30mins per class, with approx 3-4 instructors per class (which is an excellent ratio) Mondays is physical fitness day and Wednesday is alternate sport day (this year we are looking at having hip hop dance being taught).  Fridays we have a fun day for the kids as they have worked hard all week and they look forward to "movie day"

If a student is interested in attending the after school program but not interested in taking TaeKwonDo, starting in September 2018 we may have an alternate program as well.


Are you open on snow days?

There is no after school programs on a declared HRSB snow day. 
Note - This includes partial snow days (where children maybe dismissed from school at 12 noon). This is a risk management issue and the program is CLOSED for after school and regular night time TaeKwonDo on all snow days.


Do you have care for PD days?

As HRM schools have three zones, and the private French schools all have different PD and in-service days, we are pleased to provide care for your child during PD or In-service days.  This cost is included in the in the program, however No PD days are offered for statutory holidays, Christmas or March Break.


Can I come and tour the facility?

Absolutely!  We ask that you contact one of our staff at to set up a time that you can come in and view the facility, meet the staff, and see how the programming works. Note - we do hold an orientation session before school starts, normally in the first week of September.


What else do I need to know about the program?

The Grasshoppers after school program has been running for the past 15 years. Over the years we have made improvements to make this one of the top after school programs in Atlantic Canada.  The program is divided into 4 groups with approx 20 children in each group for a total of 80 participants.  There is over 3000 square feet of programming space with an amazing outdoor facility which includes basketball court, hockey area, jungle gym, playhouse, picnic area and much more!







Posted Sep 1

Grasshoppers only has 3 spaces remaining for the  2018-2019 school year.  (Michael Wallace and Ian Forsyth are full)

Please click below to register.










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