Belt Test

Posted Dec 9

Grasshoppers Belt Test for night time students will take place on Thursday December 20th -

White / Yellow / Orange
6pm to 7pm.

Orange and above 7pm to 8:30pm

If you have been approved please click here to register.







Christmas Closure

Posted Dec 9

Grasshoppers will be closed from Friday December 21st to Wednesday January 2nd.

Regular classes resume Thursday January 3rd.



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Welcome to Grasshoppers! 
To register for your FREE trial class, please register using the link below;

NOTE beginner classes are White belt classes. Monday and Thursdays from 6:00pm to 6:45pm and ONLY run on our introductory nights.


The next dates are:
January 3, 7, 10, 2019


Should you have any questions please email us.


Grasshoppers offers classes tailored to fit your needs. Whatever your age or level of fitness, we are sure to have a program that is right for you. Our classes are conducted in a friendly and fun environment, taught by professional and qualified instructors.


At Grasshoppers we pride ourselves in the physical and mental development of our students. Our classes are designed to improve self-discipline, concentration skills, large motor skills, hand/eye coordination, confidence and leadership skills.


By combining traditional skills with innovative techniques our classes are second to none. A strong emphasis is placed on mutual respect, responsibility and effort.


Child Classes

We can help your child:


Learn self-defense

Learn discipline

Increase concentration levels

Improve school grades

Increase physical activity


At Grasshoppers we offer the opportunity to come in and try a free introductory class. We have a mentorship program and a junior instructor program that helps your child become familiar and comfortable for their first experience in martial arts. We suggest taking two completely free introductory classes so we can assess your child and ensure that the program is the right fit for them.  We book our first time students on an appointment basis for Mondays or Thursdays at the new sessions only.  Please fill out the on-line registration class form and we will book a spot for your child today!


(NOTE - the child should be at least 6 years old to attend classes unless joining with a family member)


Parents are encouraged to take class with their child. Grasshoppers is one of the only programs in Canada where both parent and child can take part in the same class at the same time.


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Adult Classes


For adult students, our instructors are always available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. As a student, you will:


Learn to reduce stress,

Learn to defend yourself,

Increase your level of fitness,

Increase concentration levels and

Learn meditation and relaxation.


Grasshoppers is a Traditional Martial Arts School, we teach our adult students techniques that are effective and useful in everyday applications. We also realize how different the human body is and how adults may have previous injuries or ailments, Master Power is always working with the students to improve and implement techniques that work for you!


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Family Classes


Grasshoppers is one of the only Martial Arts facilities offering family classes.  Train with your child in the same class at the same time!   Our classes are tailored by belt level and not by age so you can come and take class with any member of your family.   Think about how many sports you can actually do with your child or spouse….not many!  We welcome you to come and try a free class with your entire family today.


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Self Defence Classes


Whether you are looking for a one day course or an ongoing self-defense program, Grasshoppers has it. Proven techniques are taught and practiced in our everyday TaeKwonDo classes. In our adult and saturday classes we offer specialized techniques that deal with street / everyday situations. Master Power knows as a police office,r just how easy it is to become a victim.  These classes are tailored to show you easy and effective ways to defend yourself.  We also offer specialized self defense classes for women and children.


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