Belt Test

Posted Dec 9

Grasshoppers Belt Test for night time students will take place on Thursday December 20th -

White / Yellow / Orange
6pm to 7pm.

Orange and above 7pm to 8:30pm

If you have been approved please click here to register.







Christmas Closure

Posted Dec 9

Grasshoppers will be closed from Friday December 21st to Wednesday January 2nd.

Regular classes resume Thursday January 3rd.



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Welcome to Grasshoppers! 
To register for your FREE trial class, please register using the link below;

NOTE beginner classes are White belt classes. Monday and Thursdays from 6:00pm to 6:45pm and ONLY run on our introductory nights.


The next dates are:
January 3, 7, 10, 2019


Should you have any questions please email us.

Grasshoppers Black Belt Alumni


Grasshoppers is proud to have tested approximately 45 Black Belts and performed over 3000 colored belt tests. Every student, and especially all of our black belts, have been and always will be part of the Grasshoppers family. It is unfortunate that past students have ceased training due to school, work, families, job transfers, and other outside factors, however the doors at Grasshoppers are always open and we hope to see you again soon.


Currently Training Grasshoppers Black Belts


Name                                          Rank


Master Phil Power                      5th Dan  / Master Instructor TEL TKD


Master Randy Nelson                 4th Dan WTF / Master Instructor TEL TKD


Janine Burton                             3rd Dan Bo


Jonathan Fraser                         3rd Dan Bo


Dylan Potter                               3rd Dan Bo


Duane McOnie                           2nd Dan WTF


Rhonda McOnie                         2nd Dan WTF


Davide Gillis                               2nd Dan WTF


Conner Morrison                        2nd Dan WTF


Grace Lamond                           2nd Dan WTF


Maria Lamond                            2nd Dan WTF


Justin Woods                              2nd Dan WTF


Doug Woods                              1st Dan WTF



2017 Alumni


Cameron ᅠYetman                       2nd Dan WTF


Daniel Dupuis                            1st Dan WTF



2016 Alumni

Nadine Trudeau                          2nd Dan WTF


Isa Rossi                                     2nd Dan WTF


Gia Rossi                                    2nd Dan WTF


Meaghan Woods                        1st Dan WTF


Aleks Burchill                             1st Poom WTF


2015 Alumni

Kalvin Windrum                          1st Poom WTF


Robert Powell                             1st Dan WTF



2014 Alumni

Shauna Burns                            2nd Dan Bo


Kieran Sharpe                            1st Poom WTF



2013 Alumni


Peter MacKay                            1st Poom WTF


Kelsey Hodder-Power                1st Dan WTF


Thackery Wallace                      1st Poom WTF



2012 Alumni


Andre Kiley                                 3rd Dan Bo (still training in Ottawa)


Kayla Cummins                          2nd Dan Bo


Brian Quick                                1st Dan WTF


Daniel Quick                              1st Dan WTF




2011 Alumni


Austin Brennan                           4th Dan Bo


Alyssa Hartlen                            1st Poom WTF




2010 Alumni


Nicholas Doucet                         1st Dan WTF


Thomas Fedak                           1st Dan WTF




2009 Alumni


Justin Brennan                           2nd Dan School


Jim Currie                                   2nd Dan School




2007 Alumni


Miranda Boutilier                        2nd Dan School


Patrick McInnis                          1st Dan WTF




2005 Alumni


Erin Brennan                              2nd Dan School


Meaghan Kroeger/Hickey           2nd Dan WTF


Jessica Stickney                        1st Dan WTF


Jaimey MacLean                        1st Dan WTF




2004 Alumni


John Bowdridge                         1st Dan WTF


Sarah Bowdridge                       1st Dan WTF


Marawan El-Sayed                    1st Dan WTF


Jonathan Primack                      1st Dan WTF


Ashley Smith                              1st Dan WTF


Alicia Taylor                                1st Dan WTF


Amanda Taylor                           1st Dan WTF




2003 Alumni


Daniel Goodine                          1st Dan WTF


Goran Idzanovic                         1st Dan WTF


Ivica Idzanovic                           1st Dan WTF


Jelena Idzanovic                        1st Dan WTF




2002 Alumni


Marcel Dupuis                            1st Dan WTF


Jennifer Cormier                         1st Dan WTF




Pre 2000 Alumni


The following black belts were tested by Grand Master Tae Eun Lee and joined Grasshoppers after already obtaining their black belts.


Glenn Briand                              1st Dan WTF


Mark Gorin                                 1st Dan WTF


Kirk Shields                                1st Dan WTF


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